How to clear all the named graphs in the Virtuoso

Hi, I’d like to clear all the named graphs in Virtuoso.
Virtuoso automatically creates some named graphs such as ‘’ or ‘urn:activitystreams-owl:map’.
When loading a trig file that contains lots of graphs containing relatively small number of triples, I want to obtain statistics of triples, and exclude that of these pre-existing ones.
Even clearing all the graphs explicitly cannot clear these graphs.


Hi Yayamamo,

You can’t clear the systems graphs if you want to have a functioning system. Is it that you are trying to write queries that exclude these system graphs? If so, you can use the following approaches.

1. NOT FROM <{IRI-of-graph-to exclude}>  i.e., NOT FROM CLAUSE 
2. FILTER GRAPH IRIs that include the pattern "virtrdf" via FILTER (CONTAINS(STR(?g),"virtrdf"))
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