How to access Virtuoso server in a specific host (not localhost)

I pulled Virtuoso docker image and I could access the server on the localhost ( http://localhost:8890/) . However, I wanted to access the server in a specific host. I changed this line in the virtuoso.ini without success sofar.

DefaultHost: myhost:8890

here is the docker run command:

docker run \
    --name virtuoso_test\
    --interactive \
    --tty \
    --env DBA_PASSWORD=mysecret \
    --publish 1111:1111 \
    --publish  8890:8890 \
    --volume `pwd`:/database \

here the response:

12:09:58 { Loading plugin 1: Type `plain', file `geos' in `../hosting'
12:09:58   plain version 1.2.3234 from OpenLink Software
12:09:58   GEOS plugin based on Geometry Engine Open Source library from Open Source Geospatial Foundation
12:09:58   SUCCESS plugin 1: loaded from ../hosting/ }
12:09:58 { Loading plugin 2: Type `plain', file `proj4' in `../hosting'
12:09:58   plain version 1.1.3234 from OpenLink Software
12:09:58   Cartographic Projections support based on Frank Warmerdam's proj4 library
12:09:58   SUCCESS plugin 2: loaded from ../hosting/ }
12:09:58 { Loading plugin 3: Type `plain', file `shapefileio' in `../hosting'
12:09:58   ShapefileIO version 0.1virt71 from OpenLink Software
12:09:58   Shapefile support based on Frank Warmerdam's Shapelib
12:09:58   SUCCESS plugin 3: loaded from ../hosting/ }
12:09:58 OpenLink Virtuoso Universal Server
12:09:58 Version 07.20.3234-pthreads for Linux as of May 18 2022
12:09:58 uses OpenSSL 1.1.1  11 Sep 2018
12:09:58 uses parts of PCRE, Html Tidy
12:09:58 Database version 3126
12:09:58 SQL Optimizer enabled (max 1000 layouts)
12:09:59 Compiler unit is timed at 0.000133 msec
12:10:00 Roll forward started
12:10:00 Roll forward complete
12:10:01 Checkpoint started
12:10:01 Checkpoint finished, log reused
12:10:03 HTTP/WebDAV server online at 8890
12:10:03 Server online at 1111 (pid 1)

In order to access the server:


Unfortunately it says the website is not reachable
Any hints?

What is the actually HTTP error being reported trying to access the Virtuoso instanced using he myhost hostname ? What does the following curl command report:

curl -I http://myhost:8890

I presume the myhost is setup in the DNS server as a valid and accessible hostname for the machine in question.

The [URIQA] DefaultHost: myhost:8890 setting in the IN file will not assist in resolving the hostname on the guest OS hosting the docker container.

Thanks for the reply. This is the result of

curl -I http://myhost:8890

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Content-Length: 5042
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
ETag: "xxxxxxxxx"
Last-Modified: Wed, 18 May 2022 13:38:04 GMT
Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2022 15:54:39 GMT
Server: Virtuoso/07.20.3234 (Linux) x86_64-ubuntu_bionic-linux-gnu
Connection: Keep-Alive

When all seems ok, how to access the virtuoso interface then?

Now it work ! was port issue

Good to hear it now works …