How run sql query via http?

How run my custom sql query in virtuoso via http?

The Virtuoso Conductor HTML administration console provides a Interactive SQL interface allowing quick and direct querying of Virtuoso using SQL.

The Virtuoso SQL engine itself is not available as a HTTP service and thus cannot be accessed directly via HTTP. It need to be queried via one of its SQL Data Access interfaces ie ODBC/JDBC/ADO.Net. on the SQL port it runs on.

Languages like Python and Node.js can be used to create HTTP applications that bridge to the Virtuoso SQL engine via ODBC as demonstrated with the OpenLink Data Junction Box where the Jupyter notebook data analytics web tool uses PyODBC to bridge to Virtuoso and provide SQL & SPARQL access.

Ok, I made an additional handler for SQL processing - with help of handler WS.WS."/!sparql"

create procedure WS.WS."/!sparql_sql/" (inout path varchar, inout params any, inout lines any)


DB.DBA.VHOST_REMOVE (lpath=>’/sparql_sql’);
( lpath=>’/sparql_sql/’,
ppath => ‘/!sparql_sql/’,
is_dav => 1,
vsp_user => ‘dba’,
opts => vector(‘noinherit’, 1)
grant execute on WS.WS."/!sparql_sql/" to “SPARQL”;
registry_set (’/!sparql_sql/’, ‘no_vsp_recompile’);