How does the 'DB.DBA.DAV_ADD_USER' command work?

Please I’d like to understand how the ‘DB.DBA.DAV_ADD_USER’ really works… I want to be able to create a new user with unique authentication for WebDAV in the Approovia virtuoso instance. @kidehen

Have read you the documentation on the DB.DBA.DAV_ADD_USER and associated DAV API manipulation functions, which includes the function prototype and usage example ?

Yes I have, but the documentation isn’t very clear on certain things… for instance, what does it mean to create a new WebDAV user. I tried the Add new webdav user function in the documentation and nothing happened, which really got me confused. I want to be able to add a new user with different AuthId and Auth_Pwd for the requests.

In what way does it not work for you ?

As if I use the example in the documentation it does work for me:

SQL> DB.DBA.DAV_ADD_GROUP ('davgroup', 'dav', 'dav');

Done. -- 8 msec.
SQL> DB.DBA.DAV_ADD_USER ('davuser', 'secret', 'davgroup', '110100000', 0, NULL, 'Test User Account', '', 'dav', 'dav');

Done. -- 70 msec.
SQL> select * from sys_users where u_name='davuser';
U_ID        U_NAME                                                                            U_IS_ROLE   U_FULL_NAME                                                                       U_E_MAIL                                                                          U_PASSWORD                                                                        U_GROUP     U_LOGIN_TIME         U_ACCOUNT_DISABLED  U_DAV_ENABLE  U_SQL_ENABLE  U_DATA                                                                            U_METHODS   U_DEF_PERMS  U_HOME                                                                            U_PASSWORD_HOOK                                                                   U_PASSWORD_HOOK_DATA                                                              U_GET_PASSWORD                                                                    U_DEF_QUAL                                                                        U_OPTS
INTEGER     VARCHAR NOT NULL                                                                  INTEGER     VARCHAR                                                                           VARCHAR                                                                           VARCHAR                                                                           INTEGER     TIMESTAMP            INTEGER     INTEGER     INTEGER     VARCHAR                                                                           INTEGER     VARCHAR      VARCHAR                                                                           VARCHAR                                                                           VARCHAR                                                                           VARCHAR                                                                           VARCHAR                                                                           LONG VARCHAR

133         davuser                                                                           0           Test User Account                                                                                                                                                                                                             132         NULL                 0           1           0           Q DB                                                                              NULL        110100000    NULL                                                                              NULL                                                                              NULL                                                                              NULL                                                                              DB                                                                                ???

1 Rows. -- 1 msec.