How can my .NET client gain access to WS-BPEL functionality in Virtuoso?

I want to connect my .NET client to WS-BPEL virtuoso

What are you trying to achieve here?

WS-BPEL is old functionality that has not been used for a while due to lack of general interest circa 2022. Even more so from .NET.

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So please what’s the alternative method for WS-BPEL if it’s an old functionality??

My point is that WS-BPEL isn’t functionality that we support officially right now. That said, I can also speak about alternatives if you simply describe what you are trying to achieve.

For instance, you are seeking workflow related functionality for interaction with some external system that I can only assume supports WS-BPEL e.g., Biztalk. If that assumption is correct, then are you looking to export or import data from Biztalk?

Here are doc segments regarding BPEL support in Virtuoso.

  2. C# Usage Example
  3. Additional Protocol Support Information

As is the case with ODBC, OAuth, and other protocol implementations in Virtuoso – .NET net bindings for WS-BEPL are really for you (as a .NET net developer) to implement.