How Can I Create And Manage Document Databases On Virtuoso?

I unable to find the documentation on how to create and manage document Dbs on virtuoso. Please can anyone help me?

Have you reviewed the Virtuoso ODS Briefcase documentation, which enables the creation and management of documents in Virtuoso ?

Yes, I have. But what I meant by a document database is something like mongo which can contain unstructured data. So I’d like to know if virtuoso has any feature for that…

Hi @Casido,

Virtuoso supports JSON documents as follows:

  1. WebDAV (Filesystem) hosted documents
  2. Virtuoso Sponger Middleware Cartridges – that transform JSON to RDF while retaining provenance information back to the original source document(s)
  3. Web Content Crawler – with Sponger Cartridge enabled

In Virtuoso you have multiple modes for storing and operating on data contained in JSON docs.