Getting string value from a LONG VARCHAR (BLOB)

Hello! I should understand how I can read the content of blob data.

In my MySQL Database there are some tables which I copied to my OpenLink Virtuoso Relational Database.
There are some columns from original MySQL database that are typed “text” or “VARCHAR(5000)”, that in Virtuoso I mapped like LONG VARCHAR.

Now, running a simple SELECT I have this kind of value:
“Blob 6877b”, “Blob 5825b” and so on… (just where the length of characters are more than openlink maximum for VARCHAR)

How can I recover the text contained in the blob?

What is the version of Virtuoso being used ?

How did you copy the MySQL data into Virtuoso ?

What is the application in the screenshot being used to run the query, as it does not look like a Virtuoso app or UI ?

Thank you @hwilliams.

The problem was the application used for the query in my case “dbeaver”.
Using ISQL inside Virtuoso I can read the LONG VARCHAR (BLOB) correctly.