Generating new key for HTTPS Listener

I am trying to Set Up the Virtuoso HTTPS Listener but getting some errors,
i added screenshot to show the errors

The error is stating that you have already generated a local key for the hostname localhost call https_key_localhost and so cannot create again as it already exists.

If you look in the drop list box for SSL Key which is current displaying none in the second screenshot you will find the https_key_localhost key is already listed ie

Alright thanks @hwilliams it has been fixed

I am following the tutorial to set up the Virtuoso HTTPS Listener according to how it is in this link []( and got to Figure14.12.HTTPS Listener but was confuse as i do not know the firfox it is talking about here, is it firfox as the browser or this setting is still to be done inside the virtuoso instance. find attached the screenshot

Firefox is simply warning you about its inability to verify the identity of the identity principal associated with the X.509 certificate used to establish an TLS-session with the Virtuoso Server.

Simply proceed, since you are working with a localhost based instance i.e., you aren’t using this instance for e-commerce etc…

Alright, so does this means this settings can be done only on firefox and not other browser?

That is a standard warning that all browsers will produce, in their own specific way.
Again, the message simply means that the X.509 certificate used to establish the HTTPS session wasn’t signed a Certificate Authority (CA) known to the browser.

Browsers have a collection of pre-installed CA Certificates that provide the foundation of their respective Trust Chains.