Fail to load freebase into virtuoso


I uploaded freebase dump into virtuoso. But it failed because of the lost connection to server. It has already uploaded 1.5 billion triples. Is there any way to continue without restarting? Thanks. Looking forward to your reply.


How does this relate to your previous post at load the full freebase dump into Virtuoso, as there are still pending responses from you to questions asked there ?

If you have lost connection server has the Virtuoso server not shutdown and needs restarting ? Please confirm the steps being performed and point the failure occurs ?


Thanks. No more responses in my previous post.

I meet the lost connection server when executing
DB.DBA.TTLP_MT (gz_file_open (‘freebase-rdf-2015-08-09-00-01.gz’), ‘’, ‘’, 128);
and the Virtuoso server has shutdown when meeting the error.
Error information is: CL065: Lost connection to server
My question is: Can I continuing uploading the freebase dump instead of doing the previous steps again?


Is freebase-rdf-2015-08-09-00-01.gz a single file and if so what is its size ?

Have you checked the virtuoso.log file to see if any errors are reported at the time to the Virtuoso shutting down, as you seek to determine the cause as if you attempt the load again it will probably shutdown again for the same reason ?

Generally when loading large datasets like Freebase, these should first be split into multiple files and loaded with the Virtuoso RDF Bulk Loader, which is optimised for performing such operations with maximum platform utilisation for fast load rates.