Error on linking SQL objects: VDB module is not enabled


when I’m trying to link my SQL tables to Virtuoso I’m getting an error: The VDB module is not enabled. I haven’t done anything with the VDB settings, the initialize file is as default.

Do you have any idea where is the problem and how to fix it?
Thanks for your answers!

Seems as if the Virtuoso license you have in place does not have the Virtual Database (VDB) module enabled. If you check the “virtuoso.log” file from the last server startup you will see what modules are enable, which should look something like:

14:36:53 OpenLink Virtuoso Universal Server
14:36:53 Version 08.03.3319-pthreads for Mac OS X as of Aug 20 2020
14:36:53 uses OpenSSL 1.0.2s  28 May 2019
14:36:53 uses parts of PCRE, Html Tidy
14:36:53 Registered to OpenLink Software (INTERNAL USE ONLY)
14:36:53 Personal Edition license for 50 connections
14:36:53 Issued by Patrick van Kleef
14:36:53 This license will expire on Sat Aug 21 13:28:48 2021 GMT
14:36:53 Enabled Cluster Extension
14:36:53 Enabled Column Store Extension
14:36:53 Enabled Virtual Database Extension
14:36:53 Enabled Replication Extension
14:36:53 Enabled Scalable ACL Extension
14:36:53 Enabled Custom Reasoning & Inference Rules
14:36:53 Enabled Shapes Constraint Language
14:36:53 Database version 3126

Where you can see there is an Enabled Virtual Database Extension module that needs to be in place in your case …