Error message when exporting assembly to Endur database


I signed up here because I hope to find help among the experienced users.
I work with Visual Studio 2015 and the OpenComponentsVSP2015 package on a new Win10 laptop. The menu item
“Tools - OpenComponents - Attach to session” works fine,
but when I try to deploy my assembly with
“Tools - OpenComponents - Export assemblies to database”
I get the error message “OpenComponents Error - Value cannot be null. Parameter name: obj”.
On my former laptopt (Win 7 with Visual Studio 2013) it worked fine.

Is there somebody who had the same issue and solved it?
Any help is appreciated.

Kind Regards

You seem to have posted this question to the wrong company, we are OpenLink Software ( a vendor of data access middleware and data virtualisation products, where as the “Endur database” is a product of Openlink which develop solutions for the financial markets ie

Hi hwilliams,

I’m sorry. I did not know that.
Thanks for your hint.