Error: Character Data not allowed

We are trying to load the owl file from bioportal site (link) and the exact download link is here.

We are getting the below error in logs.

15:41:40 INFO: PL LOG: Loader started
15:41:40 INFO: PL LOG:  File /home/swiadmin/Downloads//hgnc.owl error 22007 XM033: XML parser detected an error:
	ERROR  : Character data are not allowed here by XML structure rules
at line 1 column 2 of source text
15:41:40 INFO: PL LOG: No more files to load. Loader has finished,



I guess you are trying build-load, if so .owl is meant to be rdf/xml, which is not so for this dump.
The file format is turtle, so please change extension to .ttl and then try to load. If you dont want to change extension should use TTLP() with appropriate flags etc.


Hi @imitko,
We are using ld_dir() in isql to load .owl file. It supports .owl file format!


I mean ld_dir() & rdf_loader_run() when see .owl extension then expect rdf/xml, in your case the dump is Turtle format regardless of the extension, so to tell loader this is turtle should rename from .owl to .ttl.

Okay, Thanks @imitko. We will try this.