Error after insert license

After insert a license and restart oplmgr I get this error logs:
17:56:43 Database version 3126
17:56:43 SQL Optimizer enabled (max 1000 layouts)
17:56:45 Compiler unit is timed at 0.000144 msec
17:56:45 Roll forward started
17:56:45 Roll forward complete
17:56:46 Checkpoint started
17:56:46 Checkpoint finished, log reused
17:56:46 Software compromised
17:56:46 There are no licensed connections available to the HTTP Server
17:56:46 HTTP/WebDAV server online at 8890
17:56:46 Server online at 1111 (pid 2831)

The “Software Compromised” error indicates that the license manager (oplmgr) or the license file “virtuoso.lic” has been tampered with in some way and the checksum performed to validate one or other does not match what is expected as detailed in the link.

Thus might any firewall or other protection have been installed on the Linux server that might have checked and changed the binary or file in some way ?

I presume you are the personal who also logged a support case today with the same issue ?As indicated in the tech note above please provide a zipped up copy of the “oplmgr” binary and the “virtuoso.lic” file as they exist currently on the Linux server machine such that they can be checked in the support case.