Enable folder type Amazon S3


according to the screenshot below in Openlink Virtuoso you can enable a Folder as type: “S3 bucket”. I have some problems in Briefcase (https://ods.openlinksw.com/owiki/wiki/ODS/OdsBriefcaseAmazonS3) , when I login and try to create a New Folder, ODS ask me again the credetials and not let me in. Also, is type folder Amazon S3 enable in the Community edition or just in the Professional edition ? Thanks.

What Virtuoso product are you using open source or commercial and what is the version and gitid ? Also what is the version of the ODS VAD packages in use which can be obtained by running the command bad_list_packages(); command from sql ?

for my test I have used the community edition:

  • Version: 07.20.3233
  • Build: Jun 24 2021

Here the VAD package below:

Your list of VAD packages installed does not include the Briefcase VAD, as it is listed as “Not Installed” ? But I presume you did have it installed at some point to have hit the issue with the repeat login requests when attempting to create a new folder, which I can also recreated and reported to development …

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Yes, It was another PC … Thanks a lot :slight_smile: