Documentation seems to be outdated

Hi Guys!

It seems that the documentation on this page is quite outdated:

A lot of those examples don’t work anymore (e.g. calling an LDP nonRDF resource with Accept: text/turtle headers now fails (as it should!) but the example shows it returning metadata about the non-RDF file) or the output doesn’t math the outputs that come from your LDP server (e.g. in the example, you do a POST, but the return message is lacking a Location: header… which the real LDP server does return, as it should!)

Also, the examples, and the code, are using a Link relation that, as far as I am aware, never got into the final spec. Your examples, and Virtuoso 7, use Link rel=meta. I believe that the relation that eventually became part of the standard is Link rel=describedBy

Some sprucing-up of those outdated docs would be very welcome!



@markwilkinson: We shall schedule to review and update the document accordingly …