Developments for address books

Various data models and corresponding applications can be constructed also with
the help of the software “OpenLink Virtuoso”.

One popular data management tool is the address book (which can be supported by
customised hardware and software), isn’t it? :open_book:

Would you like to point any development repositories and further information sources
out for such an application domain?

Hi Markus

Yes our Address book manager is an application component of our OpenLink Data Space aka ODS. bundled with Virtuoso.

The ODS-Addressbook offers features to add, manage, and organize contact information.

I believe you will find the information you are seeking in the links I have listed below:

Hope this helps

Thanks for your helpful feedback.

How is the status for the collaboration of this component with the Virtuoso Open-Source Edition?

I find the Addressbook’s Programmers Guide improvable.
Would any explanations be nicer for required parameters?