Deploy Virtuoso Database

I am working with Virtuoso locally for the past months, but now i need to deploy my database. However i can´t find any tutorials on how to do it, can someone help me?

Deploy in what sense ? If you have it running locally what Virtuoso product commercial or open source are you using and how does your deployment environment differ from your local environment ?

I am using open source, i need to acess the database from two different machines, and i can´t do it hosting the db locally. So i would like to know what can i do in order to solve my problem.

Thank you!

It is still not clear to me what you are asking as your response lack detail as to what specifically you are seeking to do ?

If your local machine is not network accessible by the two different machines referred to then you setup a machine on the same or a network where it is accessible by the two machines, such that they can connect. Thus do you have a suitable machine accessible by the 2 machines, that Virtuoso can be installed on ?

How is it intended these two different machines will be connecting to the Virtuoso database ie via HTTP ( SPARQL endpoint , Faceted Browser etc) on the default port 8890 or via SQL (ODBC, JDBC, ADO.Net etc) on the default port 1111 or other means ?

The more detail you can provide on the specifics for the use case the more we can assist …

Sorry for not being very clear about my intentions.
I am currently working on a virtual machine. Inside my VM i have my virtuoso DB hosted locally and i can access the db from any user inside the VM.

However, what i want is to know if it is possiblie to somehow deploy my database and access it outside the virtual machine, for example, my personal computer.
I don´t know if i made my intentions more clear.

Thank you!

External access to your VM is something for you or the system administrators in your organisation to setup generally and not something we can assist with as we known nothing about the VM or network setup.

Where is your VM setup, is this on your personal computer or some other location with your organisation ?

Are there any other services on the VM that can be access by other machines ? As if so that would indicate the VM networking does allow external access and if a firewall or other security is in place you may need to allow external access to the Virtuoso ports ie 1111 (SQL) and 8890 (HTTP) for a default installation.