Core Affinity license info

Hello @hwilliams,

For the istance, if Core Affinity is set to 4, it indicates the capability to assign all four cores to a single thread ?
Can the license for the 16-CPU workgroup be distributed across multiple nodes?
I need some clarification on the concept of a ‘Core Affinity license’ in relation to physical CPU cores.


The CPU Affinity is basically the maximum logical processors on a physical or virtual machine as license will allow to used, as per this document on CPU usage.

By multiple nodes I presume you mean Virtuoso nodes/instances running on the same machine (physical or virtual) ? In which case the licenses specified users and cpu affinity (logical processors) can be shared across these multiple Virtuoso instances, but you cannot allocate a specific number of users or cpus to a given Virtuoso instance.

Hi @hwilliams ,

if I have different servers ( multiple node) ?

Licenses are per machine, so if you have multiple machines a separate Virtuoso license is require for each machine.