Connecting 4D Database on Mac OS to MySQL 8.0 online database

Looking for some welcome help in updating an ODBC driver. (This is clearly not my area of expertise!)
I currently have a 4D database communicating with a MySQL 5.6 online database via an OpenLink Express Lite Edition (Release 7.x) driver.

In the next week I’ll be forced to connect to the online database running MySQL 8.0 instead.

The Mac OS on my machine is currently 10.14 but will certainly upgrade in the next few months at least to 11.

I’m trying to anticipate what issues I might have communicating with MySQL 8 in the next week and if I need a new driver (e.g., do I need Lite 8.0?).

I’m also wondering if I am likely to run into issues later if I upgrade the Mac OS to 11 or 12, though from the documentation I read for Lite 8.0 it sounds like there are no software/OS requirements, though I’d like confirmation.

Thanks in advance for any input here!

You will need our Latest Release 8.0 MySQL ODBC Driver for macOS 11+ BigSur available to evaluation download from the link provided …

Thanks for that confirmation re Mac OS compatibility, much appreciated.