Cluster deployment using Enterprise v8

Just to clarify in my own mind, is it only the AWS and Azure deployments of Virtuoso that don’t support HA and Clustering?

If we were to deploy Virtuoso Enterprise 8 in our own VM or private cloud environment then Clustering and HA is a feature we can use?

Trying to differentiate between information I already have been given, further reading on the Community and the feature matrix provided by Openlink


By “clustering” do you mean Virtuoso scale out cluster or Virtuoso RDF Graph Replication Clustering?

  • Virtuoso scale out cluster with data partitioned across multiple nodes (virtuoso instances)

  • Virtuoso RDF Graph Replication Clustering between a publisher and subscriber and can be used for providing high availability and load balancing, which can be scaled up and down in size as demand dictates.

HA / RDF Graph Replication Clustering is supported in the commercial edition of Virtuoso 8.x and can be deployed on-premise, cloud or docker you just have to make sure you have procured an appropriate license to cover the instances for the deployment you are seeking. HA/RDF Graph replication Clustering is not a feature of the open source edition of Virtuoso.

Virtuoso Scale Out Cluster is NOT supported in Virtuoso 8.x currently regardless of deployment, ie physical , virtual, cloud. docker etc.

I hope this helps.