Can't change IdP Icon

I am trying to change the IdP Icon in the section: " Identity & Access Service Provider Management" but still remains the same IdP Icon in the form, also if I modify others parameters:

Also other authentication methods are not showed in Login page:


But in the " Identity & Access Service Provider Management" there are, for example, Facebook, Amazon:

I think that the reason is that they must be verified …


Not aware you can change the IdP icon for a Custom Service Type via the UI other than to those in the drop down list box, but will check with development.

For the Amazon and Facebook services you reference, has the verify Action on the right of the screen been selected and the connection to each service verified, which is require for services to be listed as an available IdP in the VAL login dialog ?

Ok thanks ! Regards.


A patch to VAL was committed 28-July-2022 which contained a fix to the setting of the icon associated with an OIDC IdP. You need to be using a VAL VAD created after this date.

The available icons for IdPs, displayed in the ‘IdP Icon’ dropdown in the ‘Add New Identity Provider’ dialog of /oauth/admin.vsp, are contained in DAV/VAD/val/www/core/img/custom_services.

Images added to DAV/VAD/val/www/core/img/custom_services for identifying third party OIDC providers should be 24x24 PNGs.

Please see also:

procedure VAL.DBA.custom_service_icon_descs

Gets a vector of custom service icon descriptors.
Each descriptor holds the tag, label and path
of an icon which can be associated with the
custom service, i.e. with an OAuth or OpenID Connect
provider which is not predefined in VAL. The icon
is displayed in VAL’s authentication dialog.

Returns: A vector of descriptors.

procedure VAL.DBA.custom_service_tag

Gets the custom service tag for the given custom service,
i.e. for a OAuth or OpenID Connect provider which isn’t
included in VAL as a predefined service.
The custom service tag acts as a basename for the icon
associated with the service.

Param: service The service for which a service tag is required.

Returns: The service tag of the custom service or null if the
service is a predefined, rather than a custom, service.

Carl Blakeley

cc @hwilliams


@cblakeley and @hwilliams the version that I have is old: VAL dav 2.2.3_git360/ 2022-04-08 how I get the new version, I am only using a free trial… ?


The VAL VAD you have is the latest version shipped with the release you have from Apr 2022. We are preparing a new Virtuoso maintenance release , due out this month which will include the patch mentioned for icon customisations.

Attached is the latest 2.2.4_git19/ 2022-07-29 with the patch (747.5 KB)

Ok, many thanks I will try this version.