Apple Software Notarisation Issues on macOS

Apple Software Notarisation Issues on macOS

The introduction of Apple software notarisation on macOS present installation issues for the existing OpenLink product installers (Virtuoso and Universal Data Access drivers) on macOS Mojave (10.14.5+) , Catalina, Big Sur and future releases, where the notarisation is enforced.

As a result on attempting to install OpenLink products, despite being signed with an official Apple Certificate, when double clicking on the installer pkg file to start the installer a message of the following form is presented:

indicating the Apple notification service cannot check the installer, thus preventing the installation from proceeding.

To work around this message rather the doubling clicking on the pkg file, hit the crtl + click buttons (ie right click) to present options that can be performed on the file and select the Open option which then presents a dialog of the following form:

Then click on the open button which overrides and starts the installation:

The installation then proceeds as normal:

The lock icon in the top right of the installer dialog can be clicked on to view the Apple Certificate the installers are signed with:

As indicated this same approach can be applied for any of the OpenLink macOS installers to get around this issue.

Note, we are working on building a new suite of installers that are registered with the Apple notification service, such that they can be checked to avoid this error, enabling installations to proceed as normal.