Announcing a new DBpedia Technology Preview

Announcing a new DBpedia Technology Preview

OpenLink Software is proud to announce a technology preview of a new DBpedia database based on the DBpedia Databus model developed by the DBpedia Association.

Sample endpoints:

We invite everyone to have a look at the new DBpedia database and provide feedback via our various communication channels

Based on feedback from the larger DBpedia Community we will make a decision when we are going to replace the database on the default DBpedia Endpoint with this new version.

VOID graph

Description Value
Number of triples 478,157,507
Distinct subjects 37,439,352
Distinct properties 54,664
Distinct objects 201,760,910
Distinct classes 954
Entities 24,149,952
sameAs links 49,105,503
seeAlso links 247,516