Am I using Virtuoso Universal Server?

I just want to check if I’m in the right place to ask questions :slight_smile:

I’m logged into Conductor, viewing the main page, and it doesn’t say “Virtuoso Universal Server” anywhere. It’s version number is 06.01.3127. Am I using Virtuoso Universal Server?

@matt-wallis: You replied to a pinned topic announcing the “Virtuoso Universal Server” category, whereas you should have created a “new topic” in this category with its own title …

The Conductor would say “Virtuoso Conductor” typically and not actually “Virtuoso Universal Server” which is more a marketing name.

Version 06.01.3127 is an old unsupported version now, probably from the packages shipped with older Linux Distros, whereas we have Virtuoso 8.2 Enterprise Editionl and Virtuoso 7.2 Open Source Edition, which are the latest available versions, thus would recommend to upgrading to one of these version depending on which product you are using.