Adding E-Mail to Virtuoso


I recently discovered your SW and would like to exeperiment with it. I´ve been searching for a platform to use as a personal knowledge base where I can connect things together.

As a first step I am trying to add my emails to the database. I am confused on how to do that.

Is there an easy to understand tutorial?

Thanks in advance


Virtuoso enables you interact with data as Relational Tables or RDF compliant Relational Graphs. Either approach will enable the addition of mailto: scheme URIs, but with different interaction results.

If you take the relational tables route, your email addresses will take the form of plain text values. If you take the RDF Graphs route, you can store your emails as URIs that provide an immediate integration point with email clients i.e., once clicked default email apps will be invoked in “write email” mode.

I hope that helps.


Thank you for your reply.

To be honest I am a total beginner when it comes to all this stuff so I have a hard time understanding where I can add my E-Mail. Can you guide me to a tutorial or documentation where this is explained in practical terms?

I need to understand what you are trying to achieve i.e., the task you want to perform.

Are you trying to add an Email Address to a Relational Table using SQL? Or are you trying to do so using an RDF statement using SPARQL.

SQL and SPARQL are both declarative query languages that Virtuoso supports for creating and manipulating data.

In SQL or SPARQL, your email address is best represented using a mailto: scheme URI i.e., .

Thanks a lot for taking the time.

So as a first experiment I wanted to add all e-mails that I have in different accounts ( etc.) to Virtuoso, preferably as RDF. It should also keep in sync with the accounts (adding new incoming and outgoing emails).