Abbreviated and not abbreviated resources in query result

We have the following problem.
Let’s say there is a namespace “test” that resolves to “”. The namespace is registered in Virtuoso. In the query result there are resources that have abbreviated form like “test:abc” and not abbreviated form like “”. Why? And, although they are the same, they come out as different resources, which of course leads to many problems.

Thanks a lot


Where are you observation such behaviour and are you able to provide steps to recreate the behaviour you are experiencing ?

As querying the Virtuoso /sparql endpoint the URIs are fully expanded in the result set, even when there is a namespace prefix definition as in this live query, where the namespace prefix rdf for exists but the query responses show the fully expanded URIs ie etc

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Thanks a lot. I have figured out, how this happened. The same resource was inserted by an update query having the form and test:abc. Since the brackets are not there in the query results, the second variant looks as a valid form of the first one. But in fact it is just a mistake in the notation.

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