32-bit libiodbc.so on 64-bit linux

I’m trying to build an app that has some libiodbc dependencies. The code started out on AIX as 32-bit code, and I’m shooting for 32-bit code on linux on the assumption that it’s less likely to break that way due to sloppy integer/pointer issues. But I can’t find a 32-bit libiodbc.

On AIX we got libiodbc from OpenLink. Ubuntu packages the 64-bit library, but not the 32-bit one, and OpenLink doesn’t seem to mention 32-bit linux support. Here’s the thing, though. We don’t actually need ODBC support at this time, so all I need is the libiodbc in order to get code to link. I guess I could build a fake module with all the entry points I need - but still. One of these days we might need ODBC support…

Has anybody tried (succeded in) building libiodbc from source as a 32-bit library? Is there any other odbc driver manager that is supported in 32-bit mode (and is API compatible)?

iODBC was first ported and has always been available on 32 & 64 bit Linux since back in the 90’s.

Here is a 32bit iODBC SDK for Linux binary package and installer script, or it would readily build on a Linux system with appropriate dev tools out of the box, which I presume you have given you are porting your app to 32bit Linux.

You indicated using the OpenLink ODBC Driver on AIX, in which case I presume you will also need our equivalent ODBC Driver for Linux, which would be available from our Download Server, depending on how old the components being used are, or you may have to upgrade to a later release for 32bit Linux.

Thanks. That got my app to link. I’m not ready to actually trying to access ODBC, but good to know it can be done.