How to download ODS and Briefcase

Please I need a link to download ODS and Briefcase @kidehen

If you have a standalone Windows, Linux, macOS Virtuoso installation then all the ODS and other application VADs are available on the local file system and can be installed from the Conductor System Admin -> Packages tab, where they are all listed by name. Or they can be manually download and installed from the OpenLink Download Server for installation. See also this document on Installing and Configuring ODS and associated VAD application ie Briefcase etc.

Do I also need to make these installations when using the virtuoso universal server?

Yes, any Virtuoso Universal Server installation requires these VADs be installed as even if included as part of the installation they are not installed by default. As said previously, in the Virtuoso Conductor System Admin -> Packages tab page the list of available and installed VADs can be seen …