How I can realize a SPARQL Endpoint public in OpenLink virtuoso


The work done so far, in OpenLink Virtuoso, was to import csv files into Virtuoso server and my question is:

How I can realize a SPARQL Endpoint public (like for my imported CSV data?

Is there any documentation in Virtuoso server (I have read the documentation SPARQL Web Services & API to create a public SPARQL endpoint url, then use virtuoso outside, in a specific tool that requires, like source data, this sparql endpoint url?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


How exactly have you imported these CSV file into Virtuoso, as SQL tables or RDF triples ?


Hi @hwilliams,
I have files in csv format available and will be uploaded to the Virtuoso database as SQL table.
Thanks in advance.


@pina_palmieri: OK, thus if you have already imported the CSV file in Virtuoso as physical table, you can simply map these SQL table to RDF Linked Data Views, which would then automatically accessible from Linked Data URIs and also queryable from the Virtuoso default /sparql endpoint as indicated in the link …