FCT aggregates and filters




This thread is a continuation of this mis-posted issue on Github.

I want the number of distinct occurrences of ?s1 as the object of dbpedia:supports, where ?s1 has the keywords ‘batman’ as the value of one or more of its properties. Am I correct that both of the following queries express these semantics:

There are 9000 records that use ?s1 as dbpedia:supports:
Facets (see the “supports” item under the Used As column

When these records are the subject, the number is 34:

If they are different, I would be grateful to know how they differ. I notice that the triple ?s1o ?s1ip ?s1 was added to the first query, but doesn’t filter the URI value of ?s1ip to dbpedia:supports.

(Note, both of the above SPARQL queries were generated by FCT service, just proxy the traffic on the Facets links above if you wish to inspect).



Likewise, when I filter the class, I expect to see 34 Work (the count next to Records and the count next to Works should match), but there are instead 171 Works. Same pattern of missing filter on the subject in the SPARQL query.