Endpoint no response after 6 SPARQL queries


TLDR: After sending (might have been 5 before i am not sure) 6 SPARQL queries to the local SPARQL endpoint the cmd isnt showing any output (not proceeding and without providing an error message)


  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • virtuoso-opensource-7.2.5 build from source
  • default ini
  • I am new to the Linux environment so i might have made a very dumb mistake… so feel free to point something out that i might have missed out.

So i created a simple jar:

create Sparql query with jena
send query to local endpoint

After 6 iterations the cmd just stops outputting results (cmd not frozen; no error message) . If i send the queries e.g. to dbpedia it works just fine.

Any idea what could cause this issue?

Thanks in advance


Please provide a copy of your virtuoso.ini and virtuoso.log files for review.

What datasets are loaded into your local instance and what is the total triple count ( select count(*) where {?s ?p ?o}) ?

What are the queries being executed ie do they return a large result set, is it the same query being executed etc ?

If you can provide a command line compilable version of this simple jar we would attempt to recreate locally ?

At the point the program stops responding, can you make a Virtuoso isql connection to the database, and if so run the status() command and provide the output.

Thanks for the quick answer.

ini, log, jar(localhost, 10second timeout, 1sec delay between executions) and status output:

At the moment there are just the default datasets loaded.

I already had a local dbpedia instance running and the same problem existed. I removed everything to make sure i didnt mess something up when setting it up.

total triple count at the moment:

The query:
?d ?s ?g.

I am unable to download the TestServer.jar file thus there a permissions issue on the file ?

Also, what is the command and connect options to pass to make a localhost:8890 connection to run the TestServer.jar to attempt recreation ?

I set the permissions now to public. It takes like 1 minute (google is scanning for viruses and gives a warning…)

There are no arguments, if that is your question? The “http://localhost:8890/sparql” endpoint is hardcoded.

I also added the java file to the google drive folder, if you want to build the jar yourself.


issue resolved. I didnt close the queryexecution.

Sry for the hassle and again thanks for the quick response.