Virtuoso Universal Server

SQL Data Management Matters related to OpenLink Virtuoso as SQL Database Management System RDF Data Management Matters related to OpenLink Virtuoso as RDF Database Management System RDF Transformation Middleware/RDFizers (Various) Matters related to OpenLink Virtuoso as RDF Transformation Middleware Linked Data Deployment A place to discuss issues related to Virtuoso’s Linked Data Deployment functionality e.g., functionality commonly experienced via <a href="">DBpedia</a>, <a href="">DBpedia-Live</a>, and many other nodes in the <a href="">Linked Open Data (LOD) Cloud</a>. Multi-Model Data Management For topics related to multi-model database management issues. For instance, operating on data represented as tables or graphs via SPARQL or SQL query languages. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Discussion space for topics related to built-in and/or custom reasoning &amp; inference aspects of Virtuoso. Web Application Services Matters related to HTTP-based App and Service deployment leveraging LDP and WebDAV, using SOAP or REST-ful interaction patterns NLP Discussion space for topics related to NLP integration in Virtuoso. For instance, existing and future NLP Service Providers that are loosely-coupled with Virtuoso Sponger Cartridges for Linked Data generation and transformation.
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