Collaboration Platforms

Solid Server Matters related to the OpenLink Solid Server (OSS) – a node.js module that provides a Read-Write Web (RWW) layer atop file-system storage provided by host operating systems. Data Spaces (ODS) Matters related to the OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS) Collaboration Platform – layer atop the core Virtuoso RDBMS that offers file-system (WebDAV and LDP), Calendar, Contact Management, Email, Blogging, Wiki, Feed Management, and other collaborative services published as Read-Write friendly Semantic Web of Linked Data.
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About the Collaboration Platforms category 1 September 8, 2018
Contributing to a KnowledgeGraph via Your Calendar Manager— courtesy of Virtuoso’s CalDAV support 1 February 14, 2020
ODS Briefcase controller not accepting /path (code ODS409) 3 April 26, 2019